Apply and receive Discounts and Benefits. We're more than 700 already!!


1. CASH COMMISSIONS : Earn commissions on every purchase that uses your unique discount code.
2. EXTRA BONUSES : Earn cash bonuses in addition to commission when you reach each sales level.
3. GROW YOUR FOLLOWING : Get visibility in the international Fitness community.
4. SPECIAL PRICES : On your own purchases.
5. NOWA AMBASSADOR PORTAL : Your own ambassador portal track the evolution of your sales and bonuses!
6. PRIORITY ACCESS : Get first dibs on new launches and special discounts as an ambassador.



1. Follow @nowathletes on Instagram & Tiktok.
2. Have a Fitness or Sports-oriented profile.
3. Be active on social media.
4. Have purchased products of the brand.
If you have not yet purchased products and you would like to join the program, please apply. We will review your profile and send you a discount code for an -35% OFF EXTRA to the current prices to adquire for first kit.


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