I started working out for basketball – my first love. So I began investigating ways to get in the best physical shape and improve for my sport.

This led me into the gym, where everything changed. I went from being the skinny kid that got walked all over, to a person that others treated with respect. Which started my love affair with bodybuilding – it changed my life on a personal level. 


However, what was something I started for the purpose of receiving external validation transformed into my path for self-actualization. Suddenly, it didn’t matter what anyone else thought or how anyone else treated me anymore. It was solely about me and only me.


I truly fell in love this time, with the process. I now had full control of the only thing that we can ever actually control in life, my self, my body – and no one can ever take that away. There is no better feeling than that.


And the love I have for that feeling is what keeps me going to this day. To me bodybuilding is much more than building a physique, it’s my zone of control, my position of power and what is now my comfort-zone.


Why I became I NOWA Athlete.


I love what the Now Athletes brand represents, becoming the best version of yourself through consistency, discipline and hard work. I strive for perfection in my training and I want my apparel to be made with that same intent. I not only believe in what the brand stands for but also value the quality and design that is put into everything they create. 






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